We can offer a wide spectrum of Models and sizes suitable for your requirement, budget and applications. From an extensive range of filter media, the most suitable one is selected taking into consideration parameters like application, operating temperatures, moisture content etc. the design of the equipment is frozen based on the Customer’s requirement of permissible limits for outlet emissions. The gas handled can range from plain dust, smoke to fumes.

We can design a variety of Bag Filters for Flour Mills, Boiler applications, Cassette type filters, Bag Filters with cyclonic entries as well as side and top access Models to suit the convenience of the layouts. Bag filters to handle explosive environments can also be designed with ATEX norms. The Bag Filters are normally assembled and shipped to reduce the time for their installation at site. Modular Baghouses handling large volumes of gas are shipped in panel form, to optimize transport costs and also reduce the erection time at site.